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      Healthy Food

      Healthy Food

      At Barbacoa we believe in fresh, nutritious, high-quality food.

      No fillers, no shortcuts, nothing unnecessary. Only the best meats and produce are crafted daily into food you will feel good about. At Barbacoa you can eat well, even when you’re short on time.

      Huge Burritos, amazing Burrito Bowls, satisfying Burrito Salads, our signature Burrito Soup, and delicious Tacos are prepared as you watch — you choose exactly what goes into it. It’s a healthy way to eat that will never leave you hungry.

      Now Franchising

      Now Franchising

      Since opening in 1998, Barbacoa has been perfecting what it means to be a successful, fast casual Mexican restaurant.  Now, we are offering you an opportunity to own your local burrito joint.

      We are looking for people who are interested in opening a Barbacoa outside of Utah! If you would like to find out more, please click here. Or e-mail us at franchise@eatbarbacoa.com


        “The best part, I think, about Barbacoa is the soup. I could eat it everyday! I learned once, from a friend, to put the honey pork in it–Changed My Life!”  Matt

        “I love hosting parties, but I hate to cook!  You’re catering was the perfect solution.  I was able to take care of my guests, and enjoy the party.  You guys are the best!”  Kristin

        “If I was being robbed, the one thing I would ask to keep in my wallet would be my Barbacoa black card!”  Eric

        “The food is always fresh. I love how good everything always is. I’d have to say my favorite salsa is the mild salsa. I just love the tomatoes.”  Steve